This month we are being joined by the amazing Louise Pode from ProAbility.

The aim of the session is to create a positive mindset for ourselves and our businesses after the last 12 months.

-Why reflection builds a positive future

-How to re-energise yourself and your teams

-Creating goals that give you energy and motivation

Louise Pode is the founder of ProAbility Ltd, a Business and Coaching Consultancy.  Her passion and area of expertise are the people in your business. She says as an Executive/ Development Coach, with 25 years of experience, each client brings a new challenge and the rewards are huge.  From the positive impact the coaching has on their potential at work to their personal development – I have a great job! At ProAbility we challenge your norm and make a big impact. We pride ourselves on our ability to make a difference. Are you in a demanding business, juggling a stressful life, lost your sense of purpose or have a long term health condition?  We are here to create that positive change you are looking for.

In a series of ‘Breakfast @ The Outset’ educational/networking events which we have moved online at this time. We hope to welcome you back to our co-working space soon to have face to face networking once restrictions have eased.

Attendance at the event is entirely free and open for any business to attend. The session will start at 10.00 (bring along croissants and coffee).
Click here or on the link to register –

The Outset plans to create a series of events. We are starting with our breakfast events and will then be rolling out our program of Learning @ the Outset events and also our wellbeing programme Calmer @ The Outset which will include yoga and mindfulness sessions.

Check out any future events here:

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